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Senior Enlisted Aircrew Wings - link to


Senior Meteorologist Badge - link to Air Force Weather

Aerial Weather Reconnaissance and Airborne Meteorological Research

403rd Wing

military organizations

US Air Force Weather Reconnaissance Organizational History
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Sq - Hurricane Hunters
AFRC Public Service Announcement - Hurricane Hunters
56th Weather Reconnaissance Sq

Joint Typhoon Warning Center Products
"OPLAN River in the Sky" is the rain-making activity of the Philippine Air Force.





government organizations

FEMA for Kids: Hurricanes
Flying with NOAA
National Hurricane Center
NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center
NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion
  Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Hurricane Research Division
FAQ: Hurricane Observation
Links with other areas of the The UK Met. Office
The Limits of Inside Pressure: The US Congress Role in ENMOD
Naming of Tropical Cyclones (in the Philippines)
Tropical Cyclone Names in the Western North Pacific and South China Sea
World Meteorological Organization Tropical Cyclone Programme for "Hurricane Hunters"

Search WWW Search



NASA Earth Observatory

educational organizations

NCAR/Atmospheric Technology Division/Research Aviation Facility
National Science Foundation's Division of Atmospheric Sciences



media organizations

The Weather Underground, Inc's Tropical Weather page
Weather Channel's Tropical Season page
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron at 53WRS page

53rd Weather Recon Sq

SUPERTyphoon Link

Typhoon 2000

personal web sites (a picture of me!)

WEATHER RECONNAISSANCE (as remembered by Bernie)
Scott A. Dommin's A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album
Reese Talley's Rocketsounde Data (and Dropsonde too)

David Steiner - (w)C-130 Missions
Richard J. Brion, Typhoon Chaser, Retired
A Flight into Hurricane Luis by Jack Beven.
The B-29 in Weather Reconnaissance by Tom Robison
Juan Carlos Pradas-Bergnes' USDOC/NOAA/AOC page
Philippine Air Force 901st Weather Squadron Cessna T210G Rainmaker
Jonathan Edwards' SUPERTyphoon
Michael Padua's Typhoon2000
Earles L. McCaul's

unofficial 34AWF Lady Chasers

fraternal organizations

VW-1 Alumni Association
US Navy VW-1 Typhoon Trackers
US Navy VW-4 Hurricane Hunters
Air Weather Reconnaissance Association

Air Force - Together We Served



Flying the Weather: The Story of Air Weather Reconnaissance
by Otha C. Spencer
(ISBN No. 0-9653600-9-1)

"The Weathermen Let Them Fly" by Ewing Franklin Brown (ISBN No. 0-9640988-0-6)

Air Force Weather (A Brief History, 1937-2000) AFWA/HO Pamphlet

Air Weather Service in SE Asia 1961-1976 (Air Weather Service History Office Pictorial Account)

Air Weather Service: Our Heritage, 1937-1987

Air Weather Service, 1937-1977, An Illustrated Chronology

"Thor's Legions" by John Fuller (ISBN No. 0-933876-88-2)

"America's Weather Warriors 1814-1985" by Charles Bates & John Fuller (ISBN No. 0-89096-240-5)

"Typhoon: The Other Enemy"
by Capt. (ret) C. Raymond Calhoun (Naval Institute Press) (ISBN No. 0-8702151-0-8)

Dickinson, Richard H. Hurricane Alley. Berkley Publishing Group, 1990.

Hurricane Alley

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