Ancient Philippine Civilization

based on the work of the Vatican Scholar, Fr. Josemaria S. Luengo, Ph.D.*


Governmental System

State Religion

250,000 - 323 BC Unrecorded
Dawn Man (cousin to the Java Man or Peking Man) 250,000BC-15,000BC
Protophilippinus 15,000 BC
Pigmy Negroid, Negritos, Aetas, Atis 15,000-3000 BC
Pacific Armenoids 3000-1000 BC

Semitico-Phoenicians 621 BC

Malay-Armenoids 621 BC-1276 AD
356 - 100 BC Alexander the Great-Helenico-Armenia Empire
Armeno-Medan-Persian-Aryan Pacific Armenoids 326-100 BC


100 BC - 638 AD Pallavas (Pallahvi)-Indo-Persian Empire Zoroasterianism ***
638 - 1372 AD Sri-Vishayas (Palembang)-Indo-Malayan Empire
Eskayas (Mabansagon ug Hamiling mga Lumadnong Tomindok sa Balangay sa...) 726 AD-present in Bohol


1372 - 1389 AD   Madjapahit (Menangkabao)-Indo-Malayan Empire Hinduism
1389 - 1424 AD   Shi-Tsu (Kubli Khan) - Yuan-Ming Dynasties Buddhism
1424 - 1450 AD   Malacca (Brunei)-Arab-Malayan Empire Islam
1450 - 1478 AD   Sulu Sultanate-Arab-Malayan Islam
1478 - 1500 AD   Pulangi Gomotanate (Cotabato)-Sri Vishayas Maharlikas Hinduism
1500 - 1565 AD   Sugbu-Maynilad Baranganate-Indigenous Barangay System Hinduism
1565 - Present   The Philippines
Spanish Colonial Regime 1565-1898
United States Of America-Democratic Government 1898-1935
American Commonwealth Government 1935-1942
Japanese Occupation-Kalibapi 1942-1946
Philippine Republic-Old Society 1946-1972
Republic of the Philippines-New Society 1972-1986
Republic of the Philippines-New Republic 1986-present



* Luengo, Josemaria S., A History of the Philippines: A Focus on the Christianization of BOHOL (1521-1991), Copiague, NY: Mater Dei Publications, Tubigon, Bohol, Oct 1991, 2nd Ed, Nov 1992, IMPRIMATUR, NIHIL OBSTAT, CENSOR LIBRORUM

** Sabaeanism - Terminology used in the Bahá'í Faith for the post-Adamic, pre-Abraham/pre-Jewish religions based on One God, from the ancient Semitic people who inhabited SW Arabia in the kingdom of Saba circa 800 BC to 600 AD.

*** Zoroastrianism is one of the nine living religions which Bahá'ís regard as founded by a Manifestation of God. Certain Zoroastrian scriptures record that "a descendent of the Iranian kings" named Sháh-Bahrám will arise and bring peace to the world.

Factoid: While 11 million blacks from the entire continent of Africa were enslaved and sent mainly to the new world,
from 1565 to 1815, the Spanish Empire, with the blessings of Holy Mother Church, sent 4 million Filipinos to the four corners of the earth!

For more info: read the Manila-Acapulco Slave Trade by Rev. Josemaria Luengo.

Fr. Josemaria Salutan Luengo is the self-appointed and co-adopted chaplain of the Tabaco Family. It is to him and his established Mater Dei College, Formation Center and Mission House, and the Salus Institute of Technology in Tubigon, Bohol, Philippines 6329, that this page is dedicated. Fr. Luengo recommends that his books can be bought on-line at

The purpose of this page is to inform the users of the website of the heritage of their ancestors and to enlighten their knowledge that richly extends way before the Americans, Spaniards and Christianity.

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