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Bohol Quality

a view of downtown Tagbilaran from the front of the Metrocentre Hotel

The Metrocentre Hotel is the only place in Tagbilaran with wireless broadband internet access! That's why I stayed there.
My air conditioned, bug-free room had satellite tv with the same channels, like CNN, Fox and Discovery, that I have on my cable tv here in metro NYC.

Right across the street is a bank with a 24 hour ATM machine

notice the golden arches of McDonalds on top of the BQ Mall where there is also a Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donut!
It is unfortunate that my 1st meal in Tagbilaran was at the KFC at the Island City Mall:(

On the 4th floor of the BQ Mall is the Megabyte internet cafe where they have the laser color printer I used to print some of the digipics

I received excellent service from the management and staff at the Metrocentre, Megabyte and
the electronics dept at the BQ Mall where I bought the MagicSing videoke mics and chips
as well as the souvenir dept where I got gifts for the family and grandkids!
Kudos' RJ

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This loverly pic is not the Colorado Rockies and was taken on the ranch at:


where Cecilia's daughter works and is the most memorable pic to me that I took in Bohol outside Tagbilaran! There are very few horses left in Tagbilaran:)

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